If you spot a potential error, the best place to start is with the reporter whose name and contact information is included with the story.

Or you can contact Managing Editor Rance Burger at rburger@hauxeda.com or call him at 417-837-3669.

Our policy is to correct stories promptly and openly. If we find an error, we will fix the story and note on the digital story page what has been corrected. We do not disguise corrections or gloss over them in a follow-up story.

As most news outlets do, we distinguish between corrections (for mistakes) and clarifications (for vague or misleading content, or for simple typographical errors). A correction should be brief and state the correct information, along with an explanation of how the published information was wrong. We do not repeat the error itself. In rare instances, it may be appropriate to explain how an error occurred. Those would include cases in which incorrect information was provided, or if the error was introduced in the editing process or by someone other than reporter whose name appears on the story.

In the case of both corrections and clarifications, the original digital story page will be updated to reflect what has been corrected or clarified.

When editors agree a serious error has occurred, a separate correction will be published in a place on the website similar to where the original story appeared, with a link to the corrected story.

When the Daily Citizen disagrees with a news subject about whether a story contained an error, editors will consider offering the subject an opportunity to write a letter to the editor.

In social media, we follow a similar approach. When we publish erroneous information on social networks, we will correct it on that platform. When a simple typographical or grammar error occurs, we will correct it if the content is editable. In minor cases, we may let the error stand without correction. In more serious cases, when it is possible we will delete the original incorrect social media post — after creating a new post that notes an earlier post contained an error. We will note the correct information along with an explanation of how the original published information was wrong. We do not repeat the error itself.