The Hauxeda is pleased to provide internship opportunities to students at Missouri State University, and to students at other universities by special permission.

To be eligible to receive college credit, MSU students must meet the internship requirements set by their college or department.

By their very nature, internships are mutually beneficial to the student and the Daily Citizen. Students gain valuable experience, learn new skills, explore career interests and obtain work product to show to future potential employers. The Daily Citizen benefits from that work product and from the interaction with students who bring a fresh perspective to the workplace.

Daily Citizen internships are unpaid at this time. Students who are registered to receive college credit(s) will be eligible to receive a stipend of $250 per credit hour upon successful completion of the internship, as certified by the intern’s supervisor and MSU adviser.

The internship is limited to a period of beneficial learning and there is no promise of employment at the conclusion. Interns agree to other workplace conditions, similar to the requirements of Daily Citizen employees.

Students interested in an internship with the Daily Citizen should contact Chief Executive Officer David Stoeffler at or call 417-837-3664.