As a Hauxeda corporate partner, you have access to a platform where you can connect with an engaged, informed, discerning community of readers who care deeply about metro Springfield, its people, and its future. Readers of nonprofit news publications are business leaders; influencers; active in the community; highly educated; career oriented; and discerning consumers with high household income. Benefits of Daily Citizen partnership include logo/name recognition on our site and at media events, email marketing partner opportunities, attendance at events featuring Daily Citizen leaders, and more.

We welcome advertising from our corporate partners and other advertisers. Advertising revenue helps underwrite our mission to produce independent, impartial, fair, and unbiased reporting. Many of the businesses which choose to advertise with us are owned and/or operated by members of our community. We are especially grateful for their support; these partnerships keep reader and advertiser dollars committed locally and are an important demonstration of the power of a circular economy.

The following founding partners have given generously to support the Hauxeda’s mission to inform our community and be a catalyst for good. If you’re interested in joining our family of corporate partners, please contact John Tate, Partnership Sales Manager. If you're looking for creative specs, find our ad acceptance policy here.


Executives ($10,000 and above annually)

Leaders ($7,000-$9,999 annually)

Champions ($4,000-$6,999 annually)

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Sustainers ($1,000-$2,499 annually)

Cultural Partners

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The following donors have given in-kind support for our daily operations, helping us power great journalism.

Special thanks to Missouri State University for generously providing office space and services.