Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams sat down with Tom Carlson for an episode of "In Our Town." (Photo by Shannon Cay)

Episode description: As a third-generation policeman, Springfield Police Chief Paul Williams has devoted his life to law enforcement. He joins “In Our Town” host Tom Carlson to discuss policing from the perspective of 43 years of expertise in the field.

Touching on topics such as the impacts of public perception of officers and the COVID-19 pandemic on the police force, diversity initiatives within the Springfield Police Department and the use of surveillance technology, Williams shines a light on the current developments within law enforcement and where the establishment is headed.

About the podcast: In Our Town is a podcast about Springfield, Mo. issues and leaders, hosted by Tom Carlson, publisher and founder of the Hauxeda.

About the host: Tom Carlson is the publisher and founder of the Hauxeda. An attorney and real estate developer who specializes in affordable housing, Tom was the longest-serving mayor of Springfield, serving 14 years over seven non-consecutive terms between 1988 and 2009.